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Berlin, Germany

aletto Hotel Kudamm

Outsourced revenue management

Aletto entrance

Handling the daily revenue management of aletto Hotel Kudamm. With its 232 rooms consisting of 881 beds, and its diverse set-up of room types we have successfully implemented ways to conduct pricing and yielding structures for both hotel rooms and multiple-bed rooms, all under one roof. Furthermore, a new segmentation has been defined and application of in depth forecasting procedures ensures optimized revenues.

  • Over 15% revenue growth versus last year since the start of the collaboration leading to an average market share increase of 5%

“berner+becker have managed to show noticeable results within a short time frame. We especially appreciate the swift reactions and uncomplicated handling.”

Razvan Lates, Marketing & sales

Munich, Germany

Platzl Hotel

Outsourced revenue management

Platzl Hotel

Handling the complete daily revenue management of the high demand city centre hotel. Apart from the outsourced revenue management this includes the implementation of new tools and processes, the configuration and implementation of a Revenue Management System as well as training and coaching of the hotel staff.

  • Outperforming the competition with over15% RGI growth since the start of our collaboration
  • Considerably beating last year’s and budgeted revenue figures

“berner+becker offers exactly the service that we have been looking for. Their commitment and desire to understand and get to know our product and the market, along with their expertise has already brought us a RevPar increase of more than 10% within the first 3 months of collaboration.”

Heiko Buchta, General Manager

Frankfurt, Germany

Ameron Hotel Neckarvillen Frankfurt

Revenue management project

Ameron picture

Conducted the pre-opening analysis to best position the hotel in the Frankfurt market prior to its opening in 2018. This included definition of competitive set, room type definition and price positioning, daily pricing for the opening year, corporate negotiated rate definition, group pricing and public rate product suggestions, setting of fair selling strategies, establishing the ideal target segmentation for the hotel by season and weekday and the preparation of the detailed rooms revenue budget for the opening year.

“The company berner+becker has been a great help setting up our pricing structure together with defining room types, off sets and seasonality for our upcoming hotel in Frankfurt. With their deepened knowledge of the destination they have provided us with sound analyses and forecast figures. I am glad we decided to get berner+becker’s help on this project as I am now confident that we are ready to sell “the right rooms at the right rates, to the right customers and the right time via the right channels”. A big thanks to you guys. I have no hesitation in recommending you!”

Angelika Viebahn, Director of Revenue & Distribution

Reykjavik, Iceland


Outsourced revenue management and training


Managing the daily revenue management procedures for the CenterHotel Plaza including in-depth pricing and yielding. Continuously adapting hotel strategies to account for the growing and volatile Reykjavik market with ever-changing currency exchange rates. Optimising the use of the revenue management system and together with the head quarter team we are also establishing synergies for the other 5 CenterHotels in Reykjavik. We have conducted several Revenue and Distribution Basic training for management and key staff to educate them and enable enhanced decision making.

Hannover, Germany

Central-Hotel Kaiserhof

Revenue management implementation and outsourcing


Implemented revenue management structures and processes from scratch. This included public pricing structure, budget writing, forecasting tools and procedures, distribution optimization etc. Continuously optimizing the daily revenue management with our outsourced model

  • 23% revenue growth leading to a 14% RGI increase in the first year
  • 40% increase in online transient revenues

“With berner+becker having done a proper analysis and implementation of essential tools and processes, they have quickly managed to significantly increase our revenues. To start working with berner+becker was the best decision we could make.”

Alexander Rüter, Owner and General Manager

Budapest, Hungary

Mellow Mood Hotels

Revenue management audit and training


Conducting a complete audit of the centralised revenue and sales office focused on optimizing current tools and processes within revenue management. The centralised office is responsible for the day-to-day revenue management and sales activities for 12 Mellow Mood Hotels all located in Budapest. With conducting a thorough on-site audit analysis many areas for improvement have been identified, leading to projects and training being carried out to optimize future results.

  • Implementation of new forecasting, pricing and yielding procedures
  • 10 out of 10 participants are highly or extremely likely to recommend the revenue management training

“Your revenue management knowledge is what we needed. You have shown us the direction in which to move forward for us to increase our revenues and our knowledge of revenue management.”

Ágoston Török, Director of Sales

Portorož, Slovenia

LifeClass Hotels & Spa

Outsourced revenue management


Continuous daily revenue management for all 6 LifeClass hotels while at the same time optimizing the use of their revenue management system for all properties. Special focus on public price positioning of the newly rebranded 5-star hotel Slovenija.

  • Over 15% room revenue increase for all hotels in the first year

“LifeClass Hotels with starting the cooperation with berner+becker did a huge step in revenue increase. The berner+becker team is reliable, fast and professional with an excellent knowledge in hotel revenue optimisation. They totally proved to us that outsourcing the revenue management department was the right decision”

Alen Miloševič, Director of Sales

Bad Nauheim, Germany

CONPARC Hotel & Conference Centre

Revenue management project

Bad Nauheim fotografiert am 15.07.2007

Assistance in the implementation and configuration of their IDeaS revenue management system, whilst establishing an optimized setup for future use and decision-making.

“berner+becker has been a great help setting up our IDeaS revenue management system. They were very pleasant to work with and with their expertise they made sure that we configured the system in the best possible way. I am glad we decided to get berner+becker’s help on this project and I can strongly recommend working with them.”

Angela Rittig-Boucher, Director of Business Development

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