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Below you can explore the different outsourced revenue management offers available to you. Alternatively, you can tell us exactly what is important to you and we will tailor the offer to your needs. We believe a long-term partnership delivers the best results and we’ll stay on board for as many years as you’d like, but we are flexible in terms of how long you want to use our services. 

Whatever you choose, our diligent approach is always the same; to offer you an efficient and cost-effective service tailored to your needs, combined with the latest technology, and directly aimed at delivering the highest ROI possible. So far we have managed to increase our clients RevPar by 15% on average across the board.

  • Included services

  • berner+becker onboarding process
  • Face-to-face kick off meeting at the hotel with your revenue manager
  • Potential analysis and strategic positioning of the hotel
  • Review and update tools, systems and processes
  • Forecasting and Budgeting
  • Writing a rooms revenue budget
  • Rooms revenue forecast per day and segment, current +3 months
  • Rooms revenue forecast per day and segment, current +6 months
  • Forecast Dashboard with comments on performance
  • Meetings and Communication
  • Ad-hoc communication
  • Revenue strategy webinar with key management team
  • On site face-to-face strategy meeting
  • Pricing and Yield Management
  • Daily pick-up analysis and public BAR pricing
  • Active yield management of segments, rates, room types and entire hotel
  • Continuous optimization of segmentation strategy
  • Corporate and tour operator pricing and availability strategy
  • Quoting of business and leisure group requests
  • Competitor and market share analysis
  • Price and Yield System changes done by berner+becker in the systems
  • Distribution
  • Regular promotional planning for all distribution platforms
  • Recommendation for OTA optimization and selection of right partners
  • Optimization of direct bookings and distribution costs
  • Maintenance of content, rate codes and policies on OTA platforms
  • Communication and contracting of distribution partners from our network
  • Tools and Revenue Management Technology
  • Full utilisation of existing berner+becker tools
  • Implementation and full utilisation of Profit Intelligence BI-Tool (if possible)
  • Use of rate shopper, market share and Revenue Management System (if applicable)

  • weekly
  • monthly
  • bi-weekly
  • quarterly

  • bi-weekly
  • bi-monthly
  • monthly
  • twice a year

  • Meeting and Events revenue management
  • Total Hotel Revenue Management
  • External rate shopper and market share included in package
  • Price and Yield System changes done by berner+becker
  • Maintenance of content, rate codes and policies on OTA platforms
  • Communication and contracting of distribution partners from our network

Outsourced Revenue Management – what is it?

With our outsourced revenue management, we provide a real alternative to hiring your own revenue manager. Armed with the latest state of the art technology, we will handle your complete day-to-day revenue management, from pricing, distribution and forecasting, right down to the ad-hoc group quotation after it has arrived at your reservation agent’s desk. Just like your own employee, only remote.

Our experience with several independent hotels and hotel chains has shown that remote revenue management is highly successful and even more efficient than having your own revenue manager on site. Using webinars and video calls we ensure easy and effective communication with you. Throughout the entire process, we will regularly review the situation and strategic alignment with the key management team on site. That way you will always stay in charge and take part in the decisions taken for your hotel.

We guarantee that your outsourced revenue management will always be handled by experts who are the best in their field and have shown successful results in various markets. There are no exceptions.

Confidentiality is very important to us! Obviously, your data will never leave our offices.


A video about who we are, client benefits, and how outsourced revenue management works

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