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11 July 2024
479 eur excl. VAT.
Includes full day
training and meals
Cologne, Germany
Course held in German
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4 reasons to sign up!

enhance your revenue knowledge
build a revenue management culture
improve your strategic decision making

Revenue and Distribution Basic

Full Day Training

Who can participate?

This training is for you who are interested or involved in revenue management on a daily basis. If you for example work in reservations, front office, sales, administration or even in revenue management, this is the perfect starting course for you!

What we cover

This course will introduce you all the corner stones of the profession and uses real life examples, interactive exercises and methods of best practise, which makes it clear and easy to understand. The goal is to give you a basic revenue management knowledge and infuse a revenue culture in your team.

  • Revenue Management definition and history
  • Important KPIs in revenue management and how to calculate them
  • Supply and demand
  • The importance of market intelligence
  • Rates and pricing
  • Today’s distribution climate
  • An introduction to forecasting
  • Segmentation and optimal mix
  • Yield management
  • Group displacement and pricing

Revenue and Distribution Advanced

Full Day Training

Who can participate?

This training is aimed for you who have some experience in revenue management and want to develop your revenue knowledge further. Optimally, you have participated in our basic training. These two training sessions can also be combined.

What we cover

The training goes deep in the areas of pricing, forecasting, yield management and distribution. It is designed to be hands on with interactive group work and analysis. The goal is to give you a tangible know-how which you can apply in your everyday work life.

  • Creating a detailed demand calendar
  • Correct market positioning of a hotel
  • Define and correct use of public pricing products
  • Improving forecast accuracy by considering all necessary factors
  • Setting a successful pricing strategy
  • Maximising revenues by goal setting and yielding of segments
  • Getting the most out of distribution channels
  • Explore how the performance of the main OTAs and GDSs can be influenced


We believe transmission of knowledge and education in hotels is crucial, and it is intimately linked to our belief that every hotel should have access to great revenue management. It is a vital step in creating a revenue culture, which enhances understanding and aligns your team’s goal.

Irrespective of advanced pricing systems, strategic revenue management is performed by people and can only be executed well if the decision makers possess the right knowledge and competencies to do so.

Despite being crucial to a hotel’s success, we feel that the practise of revenue management is still not taught enough in universities nor within companies. Therefore, we have created various training sessions which will ensure that you and your staff make better revenue decisions moving forward.

Our training sessions comprise every aspect of revenue management that we ourselves implement for our clients.

Anyone can book our revenue management training. Whether you are an independent hotel, a large corporation, or even a university, you have found the right partner. Our training packages can be conducted in English or German and we will happily come to you to hold a training of your choice.


Veit Meier

Director of Development

Doreen Leithold

Revenue Performance Director I Head Revenue Trainer

Interested? We would be excited to hear from you!