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Our consultancy models are here to help you reach the optimal level of performance, in both profitable revenues and revenue management techniques. Whether you already utilize revenue management or you want to start applying it now, you have found the right partner.

Revenue Management has proven to be an essential tool for hotels since its introduction in the 1980s. With the possibilities of modern technology it is now changing faster than ever. In order for you to stay competitive in today’s market place and master the art of revenue management, we have created three revenue management consultancy models.

Revenue management projects

– Executing projects to improve your performance.

Based on your identified needs, we will help you with our knowledge and expertise to execute projects targeted to exceed your goals. This could be anything from enhancing your online distribution, optimizing your revenue management system, and improving your fair and event strategies among many others.

We will set goals and timelines and continuously monitor and control the steps forward, ensuring the success of the project.

Revenue management audit

– Optimising your existing revenue management strategies.

The revenue management audit aims to optimize your current revenue management strategies. In a thorough 3 step analysis we will identify one or several key areas with potential revenue opportunities and areas for improvement, all focused on bottom line impact. Once the areas have been identified, we will define specific projects with you to move forward with. For example, it could be an implementation of new forecasting procedures, an update of your public pricing products and a new segmentation strategy, and many, many more.

Each project will have its own timeline, milestones and targets. After successfully completing a project,
we offer follow up coaching to make sure that things continue to run in accordance with the set targets and expectations,
and help you adjust the course if needed.

Revenue management Implementation

– Getting you started with the right revenue management!

Whether you are in the pre-opening phase or you want revenue management to become part of your existing business, correctly implementing revenue management from the beginning is essential. Crucially, it needs to be tailored to the needs of each individual hotel. Factors such as your target group, location and market demand generators are all vital parts to consider when implementing your revenue management strategies.

We will navigate a well-designed process together to make sure we get it right from the beginning. To begin with, we need to understand your hotel’s processes and needs, before evaluating the competition in order to position your hotel correctly in the market. Moving forwards with segmentation and strategies, we provide you with the necessary tools, knowledge and processes to execute these and reach your targets.

We will continue to monitor your performance
and offer follow up coaching to make sure things are
moving in the right direction.

Interested? We would be excited to hear from you!
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