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We let the clients do the talking here. See their feedback below and learn more about the impact of our work.  

Northern Germany

Heimathafen Hotels

Outsourced Revenue Management


Managing the day-to-day revenue management activities for the 6 hotels across coastal destinations in northern Germany including Beach Motel St. Peter Ording, Lighthouse Hotel & Spa Büsum, Fliegerdeich Hotel Wilhelmshaven, Beach Motel Heiligenhafen, Bretterbude Heiligenhafen, Beach Apartements Heiligenhafen.

Implementation of forecasting and group pricing procedures across the portfolio, revision of online distribution, segmentation and rate structure, close collaboration with the groups reservation, sales and operations management departments of the hotel group.

  • Strong ADR and revenue increases shortly after the start of collaboration towards previous years and budgeted figures
  • Implementation of revenue management culture and processes across the hotel portfolio

“We have been very successful in the past few years and always had high occupancy levels, which is why we wanted to position ourselves more professionally for the future and our expansion. The view from the outside is important to us as well as the optimization of the room rates. It was crucial to us that the cooperation has to feel like berner+becker is a department in our company and not an external consultant!”

Marco Häusler, Director of Operations


SNW Hotels

Outsourced Revenue Management


After starting off with one hotel, we quickly expanded our portfolio with SNW to manage the revenue management efforts for the whole group of 5 hotels. With the underlying synergy potentials, we pay close attention to well-maintained processes with the hotel teams and also initiated the implementation of BI software as well as revamping their hotels’ pricing and contracting approach to drive sustainable RevPar for the group.

  • Managed swift recovery of the hotels’ occupancy rates following the lockdowns in 2020 and 2021 by utilising the right distribution partners
  • Successful implementation of a revenue management culture in the hotels

“After the very positive experiences with our Nordsee Hotel City, we have decided the expand the partnership to include our remaining hotels in order to position us strongly coming out of the pandemic.”

Kai Kieckbusch, Geschäftsführer


Gothenburg, Sweden

GOT City Center Hotels

Outsourced Revenue Management

Hotel GOT pic

Implemented revenue management from scratch for all 5 hotels of the GOT City Center Group, consisting of 1 Best Western Hotel, 3 Sure Hotel Collection by Best Western, and 1 independent property.

Together with the set-up of the new MEWS PMS system, we started with dynamic pricing, updated public rates, and defined a new segmentation, all in line with Best Western standards and systems. We have also updated the room category set up and prices. Furthermore, compsets for 4 properties have been set up and a thorough potential analysis was concluded with the data.

  • Over 25% revenue growth within 6 months of collaboration

  • Over 30% continuous market share growth across the portfolio during the Corona pandemic period

If we could go back in time, we would have started working with berner+becker much sooner. The team implemented new pricing strategies for our hotels that proved to be very successful, even during the Covid-19 crisis. They are also constantly looking over important points that we had never even given a second thought. Whenever we have any questions, they always give great advice based on their knowledge and prior experience.”

Thomas Hannerfalk, Owner

Garrel, Germany

Hotel Heidegrund

Outsourced Revenue Management


Implementation of the complete daily revenue management for the hotel including pricing and yield management, as well as adjustment and maintenance of rates and restrictions in the systems. This included, among other things, the revision of the price positioning, the segment mix and the public rate products following the in-depth potential analysis at the beginning of the cooperation. Ongoing support in the selection of and contract negotiations with suitable online distribution partners such as OTAs, FIT partners and Flashsale sites.

Development of a commercial strategy together with the hotel team prior to the expansion of the hotel from 58 to 106 rooms as well as active support in the PMS and Channel manager system changes carried out during the cooperation.

  • Strong revenue increases in the first months of cooperation before the corona pandemic hit
  • Quick recovery in hotel occupancy following the Corona Lockdowns 2020 and 2021 through targeted campaigns with various distribution partners

We are very satisfied with the cooperation and the results achieved. We particularly appreciate the exchange of knowledge, the flexibility and the support from berner+becker in the selection of suitable distribution partners.”

Jasmin Hinz, Hotel Director

Berlin, Germany

KPM Hotel & Residences

Pre-opening Consulting und Outsourced Revenue Management


For the successful opening of this high-end design hotel in the center of Berlin, we have developed and implemented the entire revenue management strategy together with the hotel’s management team. This included, among other things, the development of public pricing and contractual price points, the implementation of rate, segment and distribution strategies, the definition of a competitor set, the development of group and trade fair strategies, room category pricing and the implementation of opening promotions via various distribution channels. Since the opening in September 2019, we have been continuously executing the daily revenue management for this hotel.

  • Successfully implementing a revenue management structure in the hotel

“Together with berner+becker we have developed and implemented our market entry strategy and have been successfully applying it for over a year. We appreciate the high level of technical expertise as well as the individual support and approach.
We can fully recommend berner+becker.”

Tobias Berghäuser, General Manager

National park Harz, Braunlage, Germany

The Hearts Hotel

Outsourced Revenue Management

The Hearts Suite 3202_NSL_Retusche_48581
  • Implementation of a revenue management culture / introduction of revenue management outsourcing
  • Adjustment and thorough analysis of rate structure, in addition to the creation of new and fitting rate products
  • Creation of a detailed year-end forecast by day and segment
  • Adjustment of room category setup and public pricing
  • Audit of current distribution setup and implementation of new key partners

“The team of berner+becker has enabled us to lift our Revenue Management to an entirely new level. We are very excited about the many different points that can be optimised which we were not aware of and how their digital tools and reportings have enabled us to forecast appropriately. We are very happy to have contacted berner+becker and have implemented professional revenue management.”

Ralph Hesse, Co-Founder

Büsum, Germany

Astra Maris Hotel & Apartments

Outsourced Revenue Management


For the new ownership and re-branding of the hotel, we implemented revenue management from scratch. Starting with supporting of the MEWS PMS set-up, we have also built a successful revenue culture with the hotel team. Set-up of the whole rate structure including public rates, and optimisation of room category selling. Selection of the right distribution partners and sites.

  • RevPAR increase of 15% with a 5% ADR growth after 1 year
  • Optimising distribution costs with 60% share of direct bookings

“We recently implemented a new PMS. Together with our Revenue Manager from berner+becker we could set-up a new pricing structure and directly implement it in the PMS. And, after the lockdown was over, just as the summer started, we saw a huge boom in demand for the coast. Only with our new Revenue Management structures we could manage both these challenges very well and ensure a good profit for us.”

Dr. René Hans, Owner

Ludwigsburg, Germany

Schlosshotel Monrepos

Outsourced revenue management

Schlosshotel Monrepos

Carrying out the daily revenue management for the hotel including pricing and yield management. Development and implementation of suitable revenue management structures with a special focus on the meeting- and business group strategies, as well as the correct price positioning for public and contracted rates of the hotel. In addition, various tools have been introduced to better analyse the business, along with the implementation of detailed forecasting and pick-up processes, to position the hotel correctly at all times.

  • 10% increase in room revenue within the first year of cooperation
  • Strong market share growth against the competition

“Uncomplicated & success-oriented! The cooperation has been built on trust since the start and we receive excellent support from the berner+becker team. A very good and intensive exchange has delivered the desired revenue increases.”

Felix Sommerrock, Direktor


Adina Apartment Hotels

Revenue Management Training

Adina Apartment hotels Kopenhagen, Tagung

Being the continuous Revenue Management training partner for Adina Apartment Hotels for their academic students. Tailoring the training to the client needs.

“When it comes to Revenue Management we like to work with berner+becker to complement our existing online and in house development initiatives because their courses are interactive and at times complex topics are facilitated in simple, professional and insightful ways. A generic course is adjusted to company context and practical examples utilizing own reports and formats make learning highly relevant and applicable for our team members.”

Agnes Lindner, Regional Talent & Learning Manager

Berlin, Germany

Bristol Hotel Berlin

Outsourced revenue management

Bristol Lobby

Full responsibility of all Revenue Management activities as Interim Revenue Manager, including weekly forecasting, in-depth analysis, strategy adjustments and reporting of all segments. Revision of the segmentation, implementation of a new channel manager, reorganization of reservation processes, support in the setup of the PMS and RMS system, implementation and restructuring of daily, weekly and monthly reporting for all segments. Contact person for all revenue strategy related questions after a change of ownership with the involvement of all partners, owners, the management company and the operational management of the hotel.

  • Successful repositioning of the hotel after rebranding
  • Very high increase in room revenues compared to its competitors led to strong RGI growth since the beginning of the collaboration

“With their expertise, berner + becker has helped us to optimize our business and achieve successful results. The cooperation is very pleasant, uncomplicated and professional, therefore we can fully recommend berner + becker as external Revenue Manager.”

Ulf Brethauer, Director of Sales, Marketing & Revenue Strategy

Rietberg, Germany

Lind Hotel and der Ems

Outsourced revenue management


In charge for the day to day Revenue Management including pricing and yield management for the high-demanded business market of greater Rheda-Wiedenbrück and Gütersloh area. Implementation of a channel manager, a more diverse distribution landscape, group quotation processes and corporate pricing strategy. With improved flexibility in B2C and business groups pricing, as well as the implementation of market conform cancellation policies, we were able to significantly grow revenues across all segments of the hotel.

  • More than 10% room revenue growth compared to last year
  • Significant increase in room night contribution from transient segments

“Since we started working with berner+becker we have focused on implementing new structures for public pricing, corporate, FIT and group strategies. With these in place we can already see great improvements in both operational handling as well as in our finances. I can warmly recommend the services of berner+becker to any hotelier.”

Johannes Kürpick, General Manager

Germany & Austria

Gorgeous Smiling Hotels

Outsourced revenue management and training

GSH collage

Managing the complete daily and strategic revenue management for a large part of the hotels in the GSH portfolio, including brands such as Hampton by Hilton, Holiday Inn, Super 8 and Arthotel ANA. In close cooperation with CEO and top management, procedures such as forecasting, pricing & yielding, distribution and commercial guidance have been implemented. Enhanced the revenue culture within GSH through a revenue and distribution basic training attended by key management staff.

  • 18% room revenue growth compared to last year across the portfolio since the start of the collaboration
  • More than 6,5% RGI growth compared to last year across the portfolio

“As one of the fastest growing hotel corporations in Europe, we are very happy to have access to the revenue management know how that berner+becker offers. With very positive results so far, we are confident that we will reach the expected results through our cooperation.”

Michael Bungardt, Chief Executive Officer

Aying, Germany

Brauereigasthof Hotel Aying

Outsourced revenue management

Brauereigasthof Hotel Aying picture

Responsible for the day to day Revenue Management including daily pricing and yield-management. Creation and development of a simplified and more targeted segmentation and forecast structure. Implemented a pick-up-tracker, rate shopper and advised on selecting a suitable new channel manager. In addition, pricing for B2C and business groups have been made more flexible and new guidelines for pricing FIT business have been developed to grow revenues across all divisions of the hotel.

  • More than 7,5% room revenue growth compared to last year
  • Grew RGI more than 7% since the beginning of the cooperation

“Since we cooperate with berner + becker, we finally have the yielding of our room product under control! They provide us with great guidance on optimizing our rooms business in all sales channels – regardless of web page, OTAs or tour operator business. With the tailor-made all-round service, we quickly noticed the success: both, in terms of rate and occupancy, we were able to show big jumps upwards! I can highly recommend berner + becker – perfect for a medium-sized business like us in Aying.”

Christian Hollweck, Direktor

Reykjavik, Iceland


Outsourced revenue management and training


Managing the daily revenue management procedures for all 6 CenterHotels including in-depth pricing and yielding. Continuously adapting hotel strategies to account for the growing and volatile Reykjavik market with ever-changing currency exchange rates. Implemented operational SOPs linked with revenue performance and further optimising the use of the revenue management system. Conducted several Revenue and Distribution Basic training for management and key staff leading to enhanced decision making.

  • Increased CenterHotels room revenues over 19% YOY in the first full year of collaboration
  • More than 13% RGI growth in 2018 for the CenterHotels portfolio
  • CenterHotels employees voted the basic revenue management training “best training of the year”

“Working with the berner+becker team is one of the best decisions we have ever made, and the results have been far beyond our expectations. Their detailed analysis of our business followed with a set of recommendations on our work-processes, contracts and segmentation have helped us achieve exceptional results. They are a joy to work with, incredibly quick and professional and have the analytical mindset that is needed when it comes to maximizing profitability and hitting targets.”

Sara Kristófersdóttir, Chief Commercial Officer

Zurich, Switzerland

Savoy Hotel Baur en Ville

Revenue management implementation and outsourcing

Savoy pic

Implemented the complete revenue management structures and processes as well as commercial strategies for this historic 5-star hotel. This included public pricing structure, room and suite category setup, budget writing, forecasting procedures, distribution and segmentation optimization, implementation of revenue tools, sales strategies training the hotel team etc. Continuously optimizing the daily revenue management with our outsourced model.

  • Extremely strong room revenue increases within in the first year of collaboration
  • Heavily outperforming the competition with double digit RGI growth numbers

“The cooperation between berner+becker and the Savoy Hotel Baur en Ville has been very good and we are pleased to recommend them to any hotelier”

Werner Knechtli, General Manager

Usedom, Germany


Outsourced revenue management and training


Handling of the daily revenue management practice for 5 hotels of the SEETELHOTELS group on the island of Usedom, Germany. This included the introduction of a solid forecasting process to steer business accordingly, setting strategies for high and off season, as well as promo planning and budgeting.

  • 7% YoY RevPar growth achieved for a portfolio of 5 hotels
  • Implementation of sound Revenue Management processes for forecasting, yielding and pricing

“berner+becker delivers target-driven services when it comes to market-relevant and product-oriented pricing of our hotels. Our team is supported with berner+becker’s professional expertise and that’s exactly what we need to ensure we have the competitive edge in our sales and distribution strategies.”

Stefan Hilgers, Chief Operating Officer

Davos, Switzerland

Hard Rock Hotel Davos

Outsourced revenue management

Rock Star Suite living room_preview

Responsible for all daily revenue management processes including in-depth pricing and yield management with a special focus on the detailed analysis of incoming group business to successfully re-position the property in the market after the rebranding to a Hard Rock Hotel. Implemented the revenue management structures and procedures including forecast and pick-up tracking tools to enhance decision making processes, resulting in growing revenues across all distribution channels.

  • Highest RevPAR growth in 7 out of the last 10 months within the compset
  • High double digit room revenue growth in the second year after opening

“berner+becker gave us professional support during the opening and re-branding of our hotel with Hard Rock International. We have successfully mastered the challenges thanks to their efficient and structured assistance and are now benefitting from the excellent know-how of the specialists at berner+becker in our daily revenue management activities.”

Dagmar Weber, General Manager

Kopaonik, Serbia

MK Mountain Resort

Revenue management audit


Revenue audit project for Grand Hotel & Spa as well as the Angela family Hotel & Residence belonging to MK Mountain resort in Kopaonik, Serbia. Focus areas of the audit were to create a new room type set up, new segmentation and implement systems and processes that facilitate better and more efficient pick up tracking, forecasting and dynamic pricing.

“We are extremely satisfied with the audit that these forward-thinking and proactive team conducted for our ski resort properties in Serbia. If you are looking for someone to drive your business forward, and who understands the complexity of revenue management for particular properties like ours, then berner+becker is for you. We feel much more “armed” to explore all available revenue generating opportunities.”

Jerome Lautier, Head of Sales, Marketing & Revenue Management

Berlin, Germany

aletto Hotel Kudamm

Outsourced revenue management

Aletto entrance

Handling the daily revenue management of aletto Hotel Kudamm. With its 232 rooms consisting of 881 beds, and its diverse set-up of room types we have successfully implemented ways to conduct pricing and yielding structures for both hotel rooms and multiple-bed rooms, all under one roof. Furthermore, a new segmentation has been defined and application of in depth forecasting procedures ensures optimized revenues.

  • Over 15% revenue growth versus last year since the start of the collaboration leading to an average market share increase of 5%

“berner+becker have managed to show noticeable results within a short time frame. We especially appreciate the swift reactions and uncomplicated handling.”

Razvan Lates, Marketing & sales

Munich, Germany

Platzl Hotel

Outsourced revenue management

Platzl Hotel

Handling the complete daily revenue management of the high demand city centre hotel. Apart from the outsourced revenue management this includes the implementation of new tools and processes, the configuration and implementation of a Revenue Management System as well as training and coaching of the hotel staff.

  • Strongly outperforming the competition with over 15% RGI growth in the first year of collaboration
  • Considerably beating previous year’s and budgeted revenue figures for two years in a row

“In my opinion the operational execution of revenue management, as offered by berner+becker, is truly the most purposeful form of consulting for hotels and provides a real alternative to an on-property revenue manager! Since the beginning of our partnership with berner+becker we have seen tremendous revenue increases through targeted price and segmentation strategies. Because of their identification with our property, berner+becker have been able to provide a smooth and effective service to us. I can highly recommend working with them!”

Heiko Buchta, General Manager

Frankfurt, Germany

Ameron Hotel Neckarvillen Frankfurt

Revenue management project

Ameron picture

Conducted the pre-opening analysis to best position the hotel in the Frankfurt market prior to its opening in 2018. This included definition of competitive set, room type definition and price positioning, daily pricing for the opening year, corporate negotiated rate definition, group pricing and public rate product suggestions, setting of fair selling strategies, establishing the ideal target segmentation for the hotel by season and weekday and the preparation of the detailed rooms revenue budget for the opening year.

“The company berner+becker has been a great help setting up our pricing structure together with defining room types, off sets and seasonality for our upcoming hotel in Frankfurt. With their deepened knowledge of the destination they have provided us with sound analyses and forecast figures. I am glad we decided to get berner+becker’s help on this project as I am now confident that we are ready to sell “the right rooms at the right rates, to the right customers and the right time via the right channels”. A big thanks to you guys. I have no hesitation in recommending you!”

Angelika Viebahn, Director of Revenue & Distribution

Hannover, Germany

Central-Hotel Kaiserhof

Revenue management implementation and outsourcing


Implemented revenue management structures and processes from scratch. This included public pricing structure, budget writing, forecasting tools and procedures, distribution optimization etc. Continuously optimizing the daily revenue management with our outsourced model

  • 23% revenue growth leading to a 14% RGI increase in the first year
  • 40% increase in online transient revenues

“With berner+becker having done a proper analysis and implementation of essential tools and processes, they have quickly managed to significantly increase our revenues. To start working with berner+becker was the best decision we could make.”

Alexander Rüter, Owner and General Manager

Friedrichshafen, Germany

Hotel-Restaurant Maier

Outsourced revenue management


For the Hotel Maier in Friedrichshafen we’re handling all daily revenue management activities. While we have a big focus on increasing visibility of the hotel in the distribution landscape, we’re also handling their revenue management system for maximum return on investment. As the hotel is expanding with new rooms and meeting capacities, we’re deeply involved in making sure the hotel is positioned correctly at all times.

  • Build up of seasonal promotion plan to drive business
  • Supported with business planning and distribution guidance for the newly added rooms

“We’ve been doing pretty well in the past when it came to Revenue Management technology usage. But only with the help of berner+becker we’ve been starting to use this information in a qualitative way to enable target-driven actions and decisions. berner+becker is moving fast, innovative, thorough and forward-looking – an absolute advantage to have them onboard at our hotel!”

Hendrik Fennel, CEO

Budapest, Hungary

Mellow Mood Hotels

Revenue management audit and training


Conducting a complete audit of the centralised revenue and sales office focused on optimizing current tools and processes within revenue management. The centralised office is responsible for the day-to-day revenue management and sales activities for 12 Mellow Mood Hotels all located in Budapest. With conducting a thorough on-site audit analysis many areas for improvement have been identified, leading to projects and training being carried out to optimize future results.

  • Implementation of new forecasting, pricing and yielding procedures
  • 10 out of 10 participants are highly or extremely likely to recommend the revenue management training

“Your revenue management knowledge is what we needed. You have shown us the direction in which to move forward for us to increase our revenues and our knowledge of revenue management.”

Ágoston Török, Director of Sales

Portorož, Slovenia

LifeClass Hotels & Spa

Outsourced revenue management


Continuous daily revenue management for all 6 LifeClass hotels while at the same time optimizing the use of their revenue management system for all properties. Special focus on public price positioning of the newly rebranded 5-star hotel Slovenija.

  • Over 15% room revenue increase for all hotels in the first year

“LifeClass Hotels with starting the cooperation with berner+becker did a huge step in revenue increase. The berner+becker team is reliable, fast and professional with an excellent knowledge in hotel revenue optimisation. They totally proved to us that outsourcing the revenue management department was the right decision”

Alen Miloševič, Director of Sales

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