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We let the clients do the talking here. See their feedback below and learn more about the impact of our work.  

Munich, Germany

“Together with berner+becker, we have achieved significant RevPar growth in all our 3 hotels and are extremely happy…

Fabian Frauenknecht, Director of Sales & Marketing

Hamburg, Germany

“berner+becker is a professional sparring partner for us. We have mastered the challenge of the last few years well …”

Bianca Brück, Director Strategy & Development

Munich, Germany

“Through the cooperation with berner+becker, we have been able to improve our sales and marketing structures and …”

Mike Fuchs, Managing Director

Northern Germany

“We have been very successful in the past few years and always had high occupancy levels, which is why we wanted to…

Marco Häusler, Director of Operations

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

“Meeting and working with berner+becker was one of the best decisions in recent years. The success is measurable …

Michael Mauersberger, Managing Director

Black Forest, Germany

“We feel very well looked after and are very satisfied with the cooperation. berner+becker has accompanied us…”

Sebastian Finkbeiner, Managing Director & Proprietor  

Stuttgart, Germany

“Our cooperation with berner+becker is carried out in an extremely professional and personal manner…

Oliver Franck, Owner and Director

Gothenburg, Sweden

“If we could go back in time, we would have started working with berner+becker much sooner. The team…

Thomas Hannerfalk, Owner

Garrel, Germany

“We are very satisfied with the co-operation and the results achieved. We particularly appreciate the exchange…

Jasmin Hinz, Hotel Director


“After the very positive experiences with our Nordsee Hotel City, we have decided the expand the partnership to...

Kai Kieckbusch, Geschäftsführer

National park Harz, Braunlage, Germany

“The team of berner+becker has enabled us to lift our Revenue Management to an entirely new level. We are very…

Ralph Hesse, Co-Founder

Büsum, Germany

“We recently implemented a new PMS. Together with our Revenue Manager from berner+becker we could set-up…

Dr. René Hans, Owner

Ludwigsburg, Germany

“Uncomplicated & success-oriented! The cooperation has been built on trust since the start and we receive excellent…

Felix Sommerrock, Direktor


“When it comes to Revenue Management we like to work with berner+becker to complement our existing online…

Agnes Lindner, Regional Talent
& Learning Manager

Berlin, Germany

“With their expertise, berner + becker has helped us to optimize our business and achieve successful results…

Ulf Brethauer, Director of Sales, Marketing & Revenue Strategy

Rietberg, Germany

“Since we started working with berner+becker we have focused on implementing new structures…

Johannes Kürpick, General Manager

Germany & Austria

“As one of the fastest growing hotel corporations in Europe, we are very happy to have access to the revenue…

Michael Bungardt, Chief Executive Officer

Aying, Germany

“Since we cooperate with berner + becker, we finally have the yielding of our room product under control!…

Christian Hollweck, Direktor

Reykjavik, Iceland

“Working with the berner+becker team is one of the best decisions we have ever made, and the results have been…

Sara Kristófersdóttir, Chief Commercial Officer

Zurich, Switzerland

“The cooperation between berner+becker and the Savoy Hotel Baur en Ville has been very good and we…

Werner Knechtli, General Manager

Usedom, Germany

“berner+becker delivers target-driven services when it comes to market-relevant and product-oriented pricing…”

Stefan Hilgers, Chief Operating Officer

Davos, Switzerland

“berner+becker gave us professional support during the opening and re-branding of our hotel with Hard Rock…”

Dagmar Weber, General Manager

Kopaonik, Serbia

“We are extremely satisfied with the audit that these forward-thinking and proactive team conducted for our ski resort…”

Jerome Lautier, Head of Sales, Marketing & Revenue Management

Berlin, Germany

“berner+becker have managed to show noticeable results within a short time frame. We especially appreciate…”

Razvan Lates, Marketing & sales

Munich, Germany

“In my opinion the operational execution of revenue management, as offered by berner+becker, is truly the most…”

Heiko Buchta, General Manager

Frankfurt, Germany

“The company berner+becker has been a great help setting up our pricing structure together with defining room types…”

Angelika Viebahn, Director of Revenue & Distribution

Hannover, Germany

“With berner+becker having done a proper analysis and implementation of essential tools and processes…”

Alexander Rüter, Owner and General Manager

Friedrichshafen, Germany

“We’ve been doing pretty well in the past when it came to Revenue Management technology usage. But only with…”

Hendrik Fennel, CEO

Budapest, Hungary

“Your revenue management knowledge is what we needed. You have shown us the direction in which to move forward…”

Ágoston Török, Director of Sales

Portorož, Slovenia

“LifeClass Hotels with starting the cooperation with berner+becker did a huge step in revenue increase…”

Alen Miloševič, Director of Sales

Berlin, Germany

“Together with berner+becker we have developed and implemented our market entry strategy and have been…

Tobias Berghäuser, General Manager