Welcome to berner+becker!

Hi! We are happy to welcome you to our company berner+becker revenue management and our newsroom page. Here we will keep you up date with posts on all the relevant subjects in the current revenue management climate. What we can learn from the past and ideas about the future.

Times are exciting in our start-up and we are starting operations with our first clients from in May 2016, and we would be thrilled to make you one of them! So don’t hesitate to reach out if you are searching for a great revenue management solution for you.

We strongly believe that all hotels should have access to great revenue management! Counting from May, the thorough planning and preparation for the launching of berner+becker has been going on for more than half a year. We have worked very hard on developing revenue management solutions to fill the big gaps in the market and we hope that many clients including you will be able to find your long term solution with us. Whether you are looking for an outsourced revenue management employee, project consulting, or to increase the level of knowledge within your team through training, you have found the right partner. Have a look at our models that will help you in a simple way to get an understanding of what we offer and what could be the best solution for you.

Looking forward to be in touch!